Gordon & MacPhail Private Collection Celebrates Scottish Distilling History

The Scottish Urquhart clan has mastered the art of whisky maturation, which is more than evident with their Gordon & MacPhail private collection. The collection includes rare and exclusive malts that have been individually selected by members of the Urquhart family. Each bottle of the collection was selected as a representation of different chapters in Scotland’s whisky making history. The collection includes a 1968 Caol Ila vintage, a 1954 Glenlivet vintage, a 1974 Glenrothes vintage, and a 1985 Inverleven vintage.

gordon macphail collection bottle

Each of the whiskies has a story to tell. For instance, the 1985 Inverleven comes from Cask 562, which was a refill bourbon barrel sent to the Inverleven Distillery just outside of Dumbarton in the Scottish Lowlands. The distillery had been making whisky for 47 years at that point, and would only continue production for another six. In 2002, the distillery was demolished, making this whisky even rarer as no other whiskies will ever be produced from that distillery again.

gordon macphail full view

The whiskies represented in the Gordon and MacPhail private collection give insight into a colourful and long history of whisky maturation. Now’s your chance to be a part of that story.

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