Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar Starts the Party Early

Advent calendars are a popular part of the holiday season—for kids, anyway. Little ones enjoy counting down the days to Christmas, opening little doors to find a treat inside.

But just because you’re not a kid anymore doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy advent calendars as well. Give Them Beer has a special advent calendar that lets you enjoy the excitement of a countdown while also partaking of a chosen selection of hard seltzer.

calendar full of different cans of hard seltzer

The Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar comes with 12 individual hard seltzers that have been hand-selected for this special gift. As you might already know, advent calendars typically have 24 slots, but as there aren’t enough brands of hard seltzer out there yet, this calendar features only 12. But that dozen is a pretty select group and includes Truly, White Claw, Cape & Line, Crook & Marker, Bon & Viv, Henry’s, Mighty Swell, Wild Basin, Golden Road, Smirnoff, Corona Refresca, and Rita’s Sangria Spritz.

The flavours for these cans haven’t been set in stone, but you can rest assured that your holidays will be merry partaking of these brands. The box makes the experience all the more festive with doors that are decorated with sayings like, “Ho Ho Hold My Seltzer,” “Christmas Cheer Inside,” “Spike the Halls,” and “I Believe I’ll Have Another.” The box also comes with a customisable card to make giving this calendar away even more personal.

diffferent cans of hard seltzer

The calendar is priced at USD$59, but supplies are limited. If hard seltzer isn’t your thing—despite its current popularity (there’s actually a shortage of White Claw right now)—Give Them Beer also has wine and beer advent calendars, so even if you think hard seltzer is best reserved for warm, summer days, there’s still a calendar out there for you.

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