Hennessy Partners with Felipe Pantone for a VS Edition

Established in 1765, Hennessy has a long history when it comes to cognac. The distiller has been the world’s largest producer of luxury brandy for much of that history, and today accounts for 40 percent of all cognac sales globally. That history ties in perfectly with Felipe Pantone’s approach to art. “I use elements from the past that look to the future,” says the artist. “I remix them in compositions to comment on the present.” Pantone has partnered with Hennessy to create the Hennessy VS Limited Edition by Felipe Pantone, creating a beautiful commentary on the present.

The VS—Very Special—blend’s label serves as the next canvas for the Argentine-Spanish contemporary artist. Pantone’s style is perfectly captured in the liable, showing his penchant for the lightning bolt as well as his signature black and white motifs. Not only is the bottle itself beautiful, but the label makes it doubly so, creating the conundrum of whether you should put the bottle on display, or partake of its contents.

hennessy limited edition collectors

Should you decide that you want to taste the cognac within, you’ll be treated to the aroma of sweet fruit with hints of wood and spice. As you take your first sip, your palate will experience more fruit notes, blackberry, caramel, cinnamon, butterscotch, vanilla, faint spice, nuts, floral notes and rich oak notes, finishing off with a sweet and spicy flavor. This particular vintage is made from a selection of eaux-de-vie from the top four Cognac regions. These selections are aged for at least 2 years in French oak barrels. Under the supervision of Renaud Fillioux de Gironde, Hennessy’s eighth generation master blender, the selections are then brought together to “achieve the optimal flavor and smoothness before finally being brought to proof and bottled.”

The Hennessy VS Limited Edition Collector’s Edition by Felipe Pantone sells for $39.99 for a 750 ml bottle. Whether you purchase it for the sweet nectar within, or for the beautiful artwork without, this is one bottle that you’ll cherish.

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