Highland Park REBUS30 10 Year Old is Whisky Fit for a Fictional Icon

Hard-boiled detectives and hard booze have gone hand in hand since the days of Raymond Chandler, but Ian Rankin’s iconic Inspector Rebus takes the concept to some sophisticated places. Rather than settle for just any intoxicating swill, the famous inspector prefers to get his hands on the good stuff. While not a connoisseur per se, Rebus definitely knows quality when he tastes it, and even sips on specific drams depending on what kind of mood he’s in. Likewise, Rankin himself–a Scotland native–is certainly no stranger to the country’s finest whiskies. It’s therefore fitting that Rankin teamed up with premier label Highland Park to celebrate 30 years of Inspector Rebus in the best of ways. That is, by releasing a special 10 Year statement named exclusively for the brilliant character.

highland park scotch hold into glass

Like the fictional detective, REBUS30 10 Year Old Scotch is both singular and bold. It touts a light, natural, golden colour that’s straight out of the cask and absent of additives. From the taste, expect notes of citrus, spice, pepper, vanilla and a touch of smoke. Suffice to say, we could easily see Rebus sitting down with a dram of his namesake whisky after a long day on the job.

Celebrating 30 years in print, Rankin’s Rebus novels are worldwide bestsellers and the recipients of numerous awards. Meanwhile, Highland Park goes back literally centuries, and has their own fair share of awards to show for it as well. With REBUS30 10 Year Old Scotch, two classics are joined as one. We’ll certainly drink to that.

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