Is This Hangover Cure The Answer to Our Collective Prayers?

The hangover: God’s way of telling us that alcohol is bad; albeit a very ineffective way that has never worked. Hangovers have blighted us from the dawn of time, and though myriad cures have been developed, recommended and sworn by, for the most part humankind has decided that the pain of a hangover is simply the price one must pay for the sweet ambrosia that is booze.

Well, not any more! Maybe. If we can believe the claims of Sisun Lee, a bright young go-getter who has worked for Facebook and Tesla and is now applying his youthful vigour to the marketing of Morning Recovery, a product he claims can eliminate hangovers from your life.

During a visit to family in South Korea, Lee tried a local anti-hangover elixir and found that it worked. Being a hungry young Silicon Valley type, he investigated further, and discovered that the remedy was made from the East Asian herb Hovenia – and that Hovenia contained DHM, a chemical that helps the liver break down alcohol.

From there, Morning Recovery was born, and has taken the world of heavy drinkers by storm. The name is a misnomer: Morning Recovery is to be taken at the end of a night of drinking, not the morning after; but plenty attest to its effectiveness. Currently classed as a dietary supplement, it lacks FDA approval in the states, but the approval of drinkers probably matters much more.

Thanks to Sisun Lee, you may soon need to find another reason to sleep all day.

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