It’s Hard to Get Your Hands on a Bottle of Tears of Llorona No. 3 Tequila

One of the hardest bottles of tequila to get your hands on, Tears of Llorona No. 3 is a sipping spirit of the highest class. The rich, complex liquor acts more like a top-shelf whiskey or cognac, and is absolutely primed for a post-dinner drink or a glass-clinking toast.

This tequila takes aging to the next level. As a combination of three different barrels of scotch, sherry, and cognac, Tears of Llorona acts differently than any other drink in its space. This tri-barreled balancing act is one of the main reasons both the origin story and the taste of this tequila is just a bit different from its counterparts.

Tears of LLorona is best poured into a wide glass that fully allows Tears to open up. A true gentleman’s drink, No. 3 is not meant to be rushed into. Pour and let it breathe, swirl and bask in the glory of this beverage before imbuing.

Master Distiller, German Gonzalez, notes that this is an experience for all five senses; the deep amber, the lingering nose, the feel of the body in your hand, the spirited talks and remarks the tequila draws, and of course, the irresistible taste.

Tears of Llorna No. 3 Tequila is a new breed and quite frankly, it is unlike any tequila that you have ever had.

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