Jack Daniels No 27 Gold Tennessee Whiskey Comes Home

Jack Daniel’s No 27 Gold Tennessee Whiskey has been a world traveller. The whiskey was first introduced in 2015, but only as a travel retail exclusive. The majority of its life has been overseas, specifically in Asia. But now, Jack Daniel’s is bringing the whiskey home to domestic retailers.

No more searching out duty-free stores to get this amber treasure.

Jack Daniels No 27 Gold Tennessee 1

Describe as “a double-barrelled and double-mellowed expression,” No 27 Gold harks back to Jack Daniel’s classic Old No 7. The whiskey is made by maturing it in a new charred American white oak barrel, then moved to a maple barrel to finish off. Finally, the whiskey goes through charcoal mellowing before bottling. The result is a flavour that is warm maple and toasted oak. Jack Daniel’s recommends enjoying the whiskey neat or over rocks.

It is bottled at 40 per cent ABV and comes in 750mL bottles.

Jeff Arnett, Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller, says, “Jack Daniel’s No 27 Gold pays homage to our distillery’s golden rule of, ‘Every day we make it, well make it the best we can. The natural amber hue, along with a scent of toasted oak and honey, offers an intricate texture and taste, making this whiskey a very distinct and luxury product.”

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