Jack Lives in The Jack Daniel’s Advent Calendar

Jack Daniel’s knows a little something about having a good time, and they’re set to make this holiday season particularly festive. The Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Advent Calendar comes complete with 23 mini sipping whiskeys from Jack Daniel’s library.

The bottles in the calendar include Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whisky, Tennessee Honey, Tennessee Fire, Gentleman Jack, and Single Barrel. If the whiskey isn’t enough of a reason to pick up the calendar, then your interest might be piqued by the key ring 5cl (1.7 ounce) hip flask hidden behind door number seven (get it?).

“If there’s one thing that’s true at Christmas,” says the official description the Jack Daniel’s Advent Calendar, “it’s that holiday spirit is meant to be shared. Good thing we put it in a bottle. For over 150 years, people over the world have celebrated the festive spirit with those who matter the most, by sharing a glass or two of Jack Daniel’s

The calendar will be available in mid-November. The biggest challenge of this advent calendar, however, is that it is only available in the British supermarket ASDA. But a new holiday tradition of getting in touch with your friends in the UK isn’t a bad thing, right? Or opt for Jack Daniel’s online store.

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