Jagermeister Manifest is for the Discerning Drinker

In its 80-year history, the German liqueur company Jagermeister has never ventured into the “super-premium” market—until now. Jagermeister Manifest is billed as being “designed to appeal to the most discerning drinker.” Given it’s recipe, which include 56 herbs, roots, and spices as well as additional botanicals and five macerates instead of the typical four, it’s not hard to see why this liqueur wouldn’t be considered different from the rest.

Jagermeister wine in glass

Manifest is made using a two-fold maturation process where a double-barrelled maturation using both small and large oak casks are used over a one-year period. The process intensifies the flavor, bringing out notes of rich oak, sweet aniseed, and dried fruit topped off with subtle spices and vanilla while downplaying the licorice flavor of their other drinks.

Jagermeister manifest

This new approach for Jagermeister marks not only an investment in the growing premium spirits category, but also a hope that perceptions of the Jagermeister brand can be shifted. The plan is to appeal to new consumers who have appreciation and taste for only the best. At the same time, Manifest will be a new favorite among loyal Jagermeister fans. While the premium taste is there, Manifest is still a great choice for shots and cocktails.

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