Johnnie Walker Releases Black Label The Director’s Cut Whisky

With its epic visuals and noirish overtones, the original Blade Runner was Ridley Scott’s art-house answer to Star Wars, and arguably the biggest cult classic ever made. However, the film wasn’t initially released as intended, and a subsequent Director’s Cut (or, to be technical, the 2007 Final Cut) became the official and best version. Now, with Blade Runner 2049 just around the corner, Johnnie Walker is releasing their own Black Label Director’s Cut whisky in honour of both the original film and its highly anticipated sequel.

johnnie walker black label whisky bottle view

Johnnie Walker is no stranger to Blade Runner. Thirty-five years ago they designed a futuristic barbell-looking bottle to be used in the original film (see photo above). Now they return to the fold with not just a unique bottle design, but a customised blend available in limited supply. Created by Master Blender Jim Beveridge with input from Blade Runner 2049 helmer Denis Villeneuve, Johnnie Walker Black Label The Director’s Cut is still deliciously smoky, but also fruitier, sweeter and stronger than before. The result is a complex and intense sipper purposefully crafted to match the heady action on screen.

johnnie walker black label whisky full view

Given Johnnie Walker’s enduring legacy and undisputed popularity, it’s fair to assume they’ll be just as ubiquitous in the year 2049 as they are now. Hence, if you see a bottle in the film, it might be product placement, but it also might very well be accuracy.

black label whisky bottle and poured glass

black label whisky packet in bottle

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