Johnnie Walker’s Crowd Funding a Customised Whisky

We’ve heard of bespoke cars and bespoke suits, but bespoke whisky from a major brand is new territory as far as we’re concerned. And not just any brand, but the biggest name in the blended Scotch whisky game: Johnnie Walker. After 150 years of telling you to drink what they serve, the ubiquitous label has now launched an Indiegogo campaign putting the power squarely in your palate. Dubbed My Edition, the crowd-funded effort wants to personalise everything from the blend to the bottle design. Consider us intrigued to say the least.

johnnie walker's whisky design

If there’s one brand who can customise whisky, it might very well be Johnnie Walker. After all, their specialty is culling a variety of Scotch whiskies from various sources and blending those whiskies to perfection. That gives Johnnie Walker unique access to both a slew of different producers and a spectrum of tremendous flavours. In other words, there’s some definite potential in their latest project.

Here’s how it will work: you go online and visit a platform that breaks down your personal taste. Included in the platform will likely be questions about how much peatiness or sweetness you prefer in your whisky, but also a Bespoke Blend Tool that sounds far more detail oriented. Once you’ve crafted your blend, you’ll move on to designing the label. That label will include pretty much anything you want: your name (or someone else’s name), a story, dedication, etc. The finishing touches include a special bottle engraving of your choice and a limited edition presentation box created by a world class artist.

With My Edition, Johnnie Walker certainly takes customisation to new and exciting places. Some might say the concept is too democratic and that taste should be left to the tastemakers. Others might see it as an opportunity to finally craft a blend they’ve struggled to find on the shelves. Either way, it’s a novel idea that would make a great gift for yourself and others.

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