The Kraken Black Spiced Rum Digs Up Limited Edition Ceramic Bottle

Remember when The Kraken ate Johnny Depp? Those were good times..

The Kraken Black Spiced Rum challenged 3 Aussie creatives to use their talent to design artworks inspired by the dark ocean beast as part of a campaign for the limited-edition ceramic rum bottles which just dropped in all good liquor stores.

kraken black spiced rum front view

The artists were tasked with creating a tale of a ship’s encounter with the Kraken and how the ceramic bottle could be recovered from the shipwreck. Shannon Crees was the artist tasked with telling the tale of the wreck and the subsequent recovery of the ceramic bottle. Beastman recreated the iconic Kraken in a modern visual interpretation and Mulga was tasked with telling the tale of the ship and its fateful encounter with the legendary monster.

“I wanted my artwork to look like an old rum label, water damaged and worn, eluding to the journey of the bottles lost at sea all that time ago,” said Shannon Crees. “I was inspired by story book illustration for the wind gods, sky and ocean waves to capture the myth and legend and make the darkness of the tale a little bit more playful.”

kraken black spiced rum logo

Taking inspiration from stories and legends about mythical creatures, Beastman says “This is my visual interpretation of the oceanic ancient life form known as The Kraken, digitally created in black and white, set to entangle and swallow up anything that enters its territory.”

Mulga adds “I wanted to share the origin story, after all it’s one I’ve heard so many times! The story goes, that the great Kraken sprayed its ink on a bottle during a battle with a ship one night. I wanted to illustrate the tale and also get to showcase my love for drawing ocean creatures and nautical themes – it’s rad.”

kraken black spice rum rises in the voyage

The artists flaunt all things black and white and kick off the launch of the limited edition ceramic bottle. The Kraken Black Spiced Rum Limited Edition Ceramic Bottle is available to purchase at Dan Murphy’s and all good independent retailers for RRP $89.95.

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kraken black spice rum ceramic bottle

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