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Lark Toasts to 30 Years with Rare Cask Glenfarclas Release

One can never get tired of toasting those legends down south at Lark Distillery. It’s again time to raise the whisky glass and tip the hat to our mate Bill Lark and his loyal team, who really do continue to impress. This week the House of Lark celebrated yet another major milestone in its journey, marking 30 years since the label secured the first Tasmanian distiller’s license in over 154 years. That’s no mean feat, let us tell you.

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Lark founder Bill Lark at the Pontille Distillery site | Image: Lark Distilling Co.

In thirty short years, Lark has earned a reputation as a world-class player and well and truly earned its place at the big table. From a makeshift still on a kitchen table and barrels of courage, Bill Lark’s story really is the stuff of legend. You couldn’t script a better yarn, which, of course, gets better with every pour.

But, perhaps, the best part of the story is that throughout this time, Bill’s pursuit for excellence hasn’t waived. In fact, it remains just as strong as ever, which is great news for consumers the whole world over. In true Lark fashion, the iconic Tasmanian label celebrated the ground-breaking occasion with a 200 strong party at its new whisky village in Pontville, which our spies on the ground tell us is an immediate must-visit list topper. For the rest of you who missed out, don’t worry; Bill hasn’t forgotten you.

Lark rare cask series glenfarclas

The Lark Rare Cask Series Glenfarclas release | Image: Lark Distilling Co.

To mark this momentous achievement, Lark has released two single malts that represent its’ rich history paying homage to a legendary Scottish single malt and Lark’s rich Tasmanian roots: Rare Cask Series Glenfarclas and Origins Single Malt Whisky. And, with the winter now upon us, there’s no better way to keep warm over the chilly months, lads.  Here’s the brass tax on these two little Tasmanian rippers.

The Rare Cask Series Glenfarclas release is a unique synergy of flavours and history, coming by way of the revered Glenfarclas distillery. Family owned and operated for five generations, the Scottish Highland’s producer makes use of direct fire stills, which work to impart a rich and recognisable flavour on its spirit. This time around, Lark has brought the two traditionalists together, with the Glenfarclas 28 Year Single Cask Scotch finished in casks that once held Glenfarclas 20-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Better still, the latest release is also matured in Spanish Oloroso casks, creating what Lark describes as “a moment of true indulgence”.

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According to the brand, the bottling celebrates the friendship of Bill Lark and John Grant, however, it does have a sneaky heritage. Having been distilled in 1992, the birth year of Lark, the unique dram, much like the Lark Distillery itself, has been left to mature and blossom through the decades. It retails from $999.99 and is worth every penny.

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Lark origins single malt whisky

Origins Single Malt Whisky | Image: Lark Distilling Co.

Secondly, you’ll find Origins, a single malt shaped by the Tasmanian elements and crafted with the same waters where the Lark legacy was first spawned. Aged appropriately in Australian fortified casks, Bill tells us this vintage drop represents the essence of Lark and is arguably one of its best produces ever. Pricing from $299.99 – we tend to agree.

Whisky lovers, you can grab your mitts on these Tassie treasures from select retailers or by simply visiting the online store. But don’t thank us, thank the legends at Lark.

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Image: Lark Distilling Co.

Lark 30 years 1

Lark head distiller Chris Thompson and founder Bill Lark | Image: Lark Distilling Co.

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Image: Lark Distilling Co.

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