Local Drunk Makes His Own Ad for Beloved Costco Beer

To quote the revered American philosopher Kelly Clarkson, love can be a many splendoured thing.

For some men, it makes them feel they can move mountains, change the tides, or grapple with a hundred crocs (with bees in their mouths), all in the name of a four letter word which historically causes more chaos and ruin than El Niño and The Joker combined.

For others, however, love is a far simpler emotional construct, and can be directed toward something far more wholesome and pure than a woman. Something more like, say, a can of discount ale.

We all remember this guy, who swam around in a pool full of empty VB tinnies in his shed, right? Well Randy Colpek is his American counterpart. A simple man of simple pleasures, Randy decided it was high time that Costco’s house brand of pisswater, ahem, beer, Kirkland Light, got the credit it deserved, with its very own TV commercial.

Using the backyard as his studio, a wall of empty Kirkland cartons for props, and a few equally boozed mates as his crew, Colpek enthusiastically films several variations on the same theme, bursting through his makeshift wall (kinda like the Kool-Aid jug), with promotional lines including “Kirkland Light–it’s 11am somewhere!” and, “Life is like beer: You drink it in and piss it out”.

Whether this actually helps or, rather, hinders Kirkland Light’s image, time will tell. But given that Randy claims to sink eighteen tins of the good stuff every day, he can probably keep them in business without too much need for other buyers, anyway.

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