Macallan’s First Addition to the M Series Since 2013 Comes in a Black Crystal Decanter

Macallan has been long known for their prowess in the whiskey industry, and one of their most well-known lines is that of the “M Series.” That lineage just got an addition in a major way. Macallan M Black Whiskey was announced earlier this month and is the latest product from the single malt’s partnership with artist Fabien Baron and the crystalmaker, Lalique.

black decanter drink

Originally bottled in December of 2017, this whiskey is packaged in an all-black crystal decanter and is the first release of the M series since 2013 when Macallan last dropped a new product from their line. While if you’re a whiskey lover, you will never be truly disappointed when enjoying a glass of Macallan, there’s something special about this one. The M Black is described as subtly smoky with flavors of wood spice, chocolate, dark fruit, and espresso that opens into a hint of peat. It has been bottled at a strong, but comfortable 45% ABV, and only 725 decanters are available worldwide.

Speaking of decanters, that may be the most impressive part of the release.The black crystal casing was handcrafted, designed to pay homage to Macallan’s heritage by flaunting six sharp angular facets around the rim of the decanter. Shipping worldwide, starting next month, the most recent addition to the M series is sure to be a popular one.

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