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Manly Spirits Co. Toasts the Coast with New Signature Single Malt Whisky

There’s just something about a homegrown whisky that hits the spot. Like the Scotsman who cracks open a bottle of Islay’s best, we’re partial to local producers and thankfully, a stellar new drop has emerged from the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Manly Spirits Co.’s brand-spanking new signature single malt whisky — Coastal Stone Whisky: Nor’easter has officially been unveiled, bringing a decidedly refreshing approach to the Aussie category. The distillery knows how to make genuine, quality whisky, with the entire range of spirits paying homage to the coastal shores where they’re distilled, and this welcome addition to their impressive array of spirits is no different.

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Manly Spirits Co.s Distillery’s Coastal Stone Whisky: Nor’easter | Image: Manly Spirits Co.

The hero of their Nor’easter release comes from an unlikely place, namely, the clashing of the wine and spirits worlds. According to the label, the new release is matured in both Australian ex-wine and classic American and French oak barrels. The result is a balanced and complex whisky, thanks to the marrying of different barrel types and full-size format casks along with different maturation ages. A pioneer in the art of whisky making, another way we like to describe the unique whisky — a damn delicious liquid that is so easy to drink it’s dangerous.

The proudly Australian-made whisky also earns extra deliciousness in the way it draws inspiration from those summer vibes along the coast of Sydney and the laid-back Northern beaches lifestyle. This temporal climate is not only ideal for whisky maturation, but you can taste the maritime influences in the smooth, aromatic flavour profile. You can expect notes of stone fruits, golden apple Asian pears, floral, chocolate, a mild hint of vanilla and honey on the nose,  a light to medium body up front, with nutty and chocolate notes on the palate. The texture is seductively creamy, almost reminding us of the tasting experience you’d have when indulging in a panna cotta. Intrigued? Salivating at the sound of all these scrumptious tasting notes alone? Well, maybe you’ll just have to try it for yourself.

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Manly Spirits Co.s Distillery’s Coastal Stone Whisky: Nor’easter | Image: Manly Spirits Co.

“Everything we do at Manly Spirits Co. celebrates the Australian coast and we are very much connected to our location on the Northern Beaches of Sydney,” said Vanessa Wilton, Manly Spirits Co. Distillery co-owner. For our Nor’easter single malt whisky, we wanted to highlight coastal elements – tide, wind, water – how they all work together to create our beautiful balanced whisky.”

The whisky will also look the part on your bar trolley — coming in a stunning bottle and boasting the world’s first sandstone stopper, made with quality Sydney sandstone. The packaging is another nod to Sydney’s Northern Beaches, encased in a modern blue gift box featuring artwork inspired by the Northern Beaches coastline and bespoke glass, also made in Sydney. Coastal Stone Nor’easter is available for AUD$99 from selected Vintage Cellars, First Choice Liquor, Dan Murphy’s, as well as independent retailers.

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Manly Spirits Co.s Distillery’s Coastal Stone Whisky: Nor’easter | Image: Manly Spirits Co.

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