Meet BeerGater, Your New Tailgating Essential

For all the avid tailgaters out there, your days of lugging expensive kegs around might very well be over. Thanks to a new campaign on Indiegogo, you can soon get fresh beer on tap, minus the overhead. Dubbed the BeerGater, this all-in-one system is portable, compatible, affordable, and well over its funding goal. Getting your gulp on before the big game has never been so streamlined, not to mention cost effective.

meet beergater your new tailgating essential

Between its two respective pressure tanks, the BeerGater can hold up to three gallons of beer (or water, Gatorade, juice, soda, etc). That translates to 32 12oz. cans or 24 16 oz. pints, which should be more than enough for you and your friends. To use the BeerGater, simply fill the two tanks with beer or your beverage of choice, screw on the caps, and put the tanks inside a cooler with ice (or chill them in a fridge the night before). Next, attach the BeerGater plates to the pressure tanks by way of provided hoses. Hang the plate over the front side of any cooler, pressurise the system with some CO2, close the cooler, and voila! You have fresh cold, beer on tap.

beergater full tanks beer

Weighing just 8 pounds, the BeerGater system is effortlessly mobile. It’s also easy to clean. Plus, once you own it, you own it for life. For those reasons and more, you can kiss expensive keg rentals goodbye. Put one of these in your arsenal to become the life of the party all over again.

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beergater behind the car

a woman hand beergater

beergater has open

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