Meet Oscar McMahon, Co-Founder of Young Henrys Brewery

When Young Henrys opened their doors to the humble beginnings that was a tiny brewery back in 2012, they weren’t quite aware that people would love their beer so much, so quickly. While most fledgling breweries struggle to get venues pouring their beers from day one, the instant demand for Young Henrys meant they struggled to get enough of it kegged up in time for delivery. With the help of a lenient landlord and a sledgehammer, the brewery soon knocked through a few walls and expanded their operation to include the surrounding warehouses, and is now a sleek behemoth of beer production.

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As an idea that originally sparked during a chat between a bartender and a brewer, Oscar McMahon and Richard Adamson spent years developing their concept, recipes and branding before finally settling on their digs in Newtown. With an initial focus on easy drinking beers that would keep punters coming back, they quickly gathered a huge following of loyal supporters, who were thirstier than first anticipated.

They’ve maintained a strong focus on their other passions too – Oscar, a musician himself, and Richard, are both huge supporters of the arts, and have hosted art shows and prizes in the venue, supplied artists and galleries with beer for opening nights, filled their space with local artists’ works and even started Small World, their very own music festival.

henrys brewer factory working time

The brewery still produces the same delicious beers the guys poured on day one, with an eclectic range of collaborations, seasonal brews and guest taps on offer in their tasting bar, which is regularly packed with denizens looking for their ‘YH Fix’. Oscar and Richard don’t get to spend as much time with their hands on the hops as they once might have, but they’re still very much involved owner/operators, lovingly expanding their mini-empire with the same care and attention that went into the first growler of Natural Lager. We managed to steal Oscar for five minutes to talk about everything Young Henrys.

Young Henrys

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