Meet the New Generation of Delicious Camus Cognac

You can find France’s House of Camus on our list of the 10 Best Cognac Brands and with good reason. Owned and operated by the Camus family for five generations, this independent distillery remains synonymous with the utmost tier of passion, quality, and craftsmanship. At the heart of its method is a bespoke distillation process, during which the “heads” are extracted and sampled, with the most aromatic portions being reintegrated into the distillate. The result is some of the most intensely aromatic and resoundingly flavourful cognacs you’ll ever come across, hence the brand’s ongoing success and its slew of awards.

Proving no exception to Camus’ remarkable standards is an exquisite new range of flagship cognacs. Released earlier this year, the range respectively features VERY SPECIAL, VSOP, and XO statements. It’s all the result of a 15-year journey undertaken by owner Cyril Camus, which found him striving to perfect his already distinguished production process. More than that, each expression brings over 150 years of acclaimed craftsmanship to life.

Camus VS Cognac

Contained within each blend are distillates from the renowned Borderies cru, also known as the smallest and most exclusive cru in the history of the Cognac region. Produced by a unique terroir, the grapes from this area are highly concentrated in terpenols, which cranks up the aromatic dial.

Distillation then goes down by hand in small pot stills, by way of a meticulous, non-automated technique. It’s at this point that the brand employs its patented method of isolating the most aromatic portions of the “heads,” re-integrating them back into the distillate. Next, the eaux-de-vie is aged inside small, lightly toasted fine-grain oak barrels.

Thanks to the distillery’s premium sourcing and painstaking approach, each cognac in the range emanates with immediate quality. At first whiff comes a deft balance of fruity and floral aromas, followed by a clean and classic taste. Naturally, the profiles get smoother and more complex as you ascend in age statements.

Camus VSOP Cognac

With the new Camus VERY SPECIAL, a rich concentration of fruit aroma bursts forth from a body of golden amber. Also present on the nose are floral hints of jasmine and violent. That paves the way for a refined taste, which pairs traditional flavours with notes of mango and almond before leaving grapey tannins in its wake.

Next up is the new VSOP, a vibrant blend that includes famous Borderies eaux-de-vie and benefits from the extra ageing. Fruity and flowery on both the nose and taste buds, its palate serves up additional accents of oak, spice, and vanilla.

At the top of the line is Camus XO, which delivers luscious colour, eye-opening aromatics, and impeccably smooth taste. The blend consists of eaux-de-vie that sat in the barrel for a minimum of 10 years—including distillates from the Borderies cru—and you can taste the difference in every sip. Expect pastries, fruit, white flowers, and hints of cinnamon on the nose. That’s followed by a silky body of butter and candied fruit along with a spicy finish.

Camus’ new range comes joined by sophisticated new bottle designs. Featured on the label are tasting notes, a statement of core values, and insights into the brand’s proprietary distillation methods. The overall aesthetic, meanwhile, pays tribute to the terroir and heritage of France’s Charente region.

Of course, it’s what’s inside the bottle that really counts. On that front, Camus definitely delivers. Lovers of clean and classic cognac need look no further.

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