Mizu Saga Barley Shochu Carries on Tradition

Mizu’s Saga Barley Shochu follows the tradition of handcrafting the best shochu. Sourced in Saga, Japan, shochu is single distilled from two-rowed barley and black koji rice. Mizu also uses pure water from the nearby Black Hair Mountain. The result is a shochu that reminds you of sake when you smell it, but the taste brings to mind young whiskey. You’ll also pick up on delicate flavors, like cantaloupe and vanilla, as well as more earthy tones like banana bread and custard. Shochu can be enjoyed in a number of different ways—neat with ice, with a thin slice of cucumber, or in a cup of hot water. You can also substitute this shochu for vodka and gin-based cocktails in mixed drinks.

The tradition of shochu dates back nearly 500 years. Single distillation helps maintain the earthy notes of the drink and hearken back to a more rustic Japan, where local harvests determined the flavor of their spirits. Shochu shouldn’t be confused with sake, which is often used as a general term for any Japanese liquor. While many sakes have a fruity flavor, shochu is much more earthy in its flavor.

Mash and Grape brings the Mizu Saga Barely Shochu to market. Mash and Grape works with a network of retailers, distilleries, and distributors to bring high quality liquors to over 35 states in the U.S.

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