Mysterious Sound Is the Inspiration for the Ghost Hammer IPA

USA-based Stone Brewing is known for brewing uniquely outstanding beers. Their latest, Stone Ghost Hammer IPA, is a tribute to the brewery’s overnight crew who brew beer in the wee hours of the night. While the rest of the world slept, they brewed this IPA in the dark cellar of the brewery. The name comes from the knocking and creaking of the pipes in the brewery, which sound eerily like a spirit is banging on them with a mallet.

stone ghost hammer ipa beer

Ghost Hammer IPA is an unfiltered beer brewed with a newer hops called Loral. A simple malt lets the hop be the star of the show. Loral hop has classic European noble hop qualifies, making it a very exciting and unique hop overall. This IPA is brewed with grains of paradise, coriander and blended with citrus. It retains quite a bit of these herbal qualities due to the unfiltered nature.

stone ghost hammer ipa beer can

The Ghost Hammer IPA comes in at 6.7 percent ABV. This pale malt is very balanced with a slight lingering bitterness, although it isn’t as bold as long as some of Stone’s other beers. It pours golden with a white head and slight haze. The nose is intense floral with mango, candy, pin and lemon notes. Hard candy, lemon sorbet and spice undertones complement the noble-hop and provide a crisp, clean taste.

Stone Brewing’s Ghost Hammer IPA is available in 12 pack cans and in six-packs. It will also be available on draft. The can features a unique design that fits the name and taste of this beer.

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