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Never never distilling whisky banded

Never Never Distilling Co’s First and Only Whisky is Limited to Just 555 Bottles

It seems Aussie distilleries are opening a whisky arm every other week. Each has a different take on the modern whisky movement that turns its nose to the traditionalist in search of funk and flavour that you won’t find anywhere else thanks to strict rules and regulations. In the case of Never Never Distilling Co, their first (and only) dram packs flavour from a six-cask blend produced by two different South Australian whisky distilleries. And it’s limited to just 555 bottles, find out how to get yours below.

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Never never distilling whisky in distillery

Image: Banded Whisky | Never Never Distilling Co

When Tim, George and Sean decided to create Never Never Distilling Co. their ambition was to create the most exciting and innovative spirits in Australia, not just some of the world’s greatest gins. The purchase of a still called Wendy in early 2017 opened up a plethora of opportunities when it came to creating some cutting-edge styles of Australian whisky. They pooled a small amount of money and invested in some locally produced single malt whisky in the hopes they would have some mature whisky to blend with once they started producing their own.

Before they even had time to think about whisky, their gin business began to explode. In 2019 they won World’s Best Classic gin at the World Gin Awards and within an instant, they were a proper, well-regarded gin distillery with a global reputation to uphold. They made the decision then and there that if they were going to keep up with gin demand, they probably needed to put their whisky plans on hold to focus everything on gin production.

Fast forward a few years and brands like Starward have put fun Australian whiskies back on the map. Thanks to this spur in consumer demands, a plethora of gin distilleries have trialled in-house whisky making, but few have taken it as seriously as Never Never.

Never never distilling whisky label

Image: Banded Whisky | Never Never Distilling Co

BANDED is blended using six casks produced by two different South Australian whisky distilleries and matured in the four warehouses. The final whisky was first blended, then finished in a final muscat cask, one that represents their final destination in McLaren Vale. Ironically, the various contributing whisky to the final blended malt all come from within a short distance of their new brand home.

In terms of flavours, the nose combines toffee apple and buttered fruit toast, with elegant raisin and muscatel notes leaping out of the glass. The palate is honeyed with layers of Brulee and plum pudding, with spice and oak developing into a drying finish with pops of pepper and cinnamon.

Never Never Distilling Co’s BANDED Whisky will release on Monday, October 31st at 1 PM AEST. To access the sale, sign up for their newsletter to receive a special link on the day. With only 555 bottles – and no plans to make anymore – BANDED whisky will disappear quickly, a sentiment to the unconventional way Never Never Distilling Co goes about their business.

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Never never distilling whisky sniffing

Image: Banded Whisky | Never Never Distilling Co

Never never distilling whisky tasting

Image: Banded Whisky | Never Never Distilling Co

Never never distilling whisky cap

Image: Banded Whisky | Never Never Distilling Co

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