Of All the Gin Joints in the World, it had to be the Drinkworks Bartender Robot

Moseying up to the bar is a lot easier than you’ve ever experienced before. Keurig, who has been putting together great cups of coffee for years, has partnered with Anheuser-Busch to finally step over into the world of fine drinks with their Drinkworks Bartender Robot.

drinkworks bartender robot

Drinkworks uses pods, similar to the Keurig coffee makers, to create your favourite cocktails, brews, and ciders in just minutes. In each pod, you’ll find the exact amount of each spirit needed to make your cocktail, from Kentucky bourbon to Mexican agave tequila. And it’s not just the liquor. The pods also contain precisely measured natural flavours. Drinkworks mixes the contents of each pod exactly, and then cools and carbonates them for the perfect balance.

drinkworks bartender robot glass top view

Drinkworks comes completely supported by the Drinkworks App—which not only helps you unbox and set up your Drinkworks, it also helps you purchase more pods, informs you about new drinks, and monitors cleaning status. Drinkworks currently offers 24 different pods, including cosmopolitans, daiquiris, sangria, margarita, and more. It’s not just cocktails, either. The pods include brews from Anehuser-Busche, including Stella Cidre.

drinkworks bartender robot lime vodka soda glass

The appliance is priced at USD$299, with the pods starting at around USD$2. Currently, only a limited number of Drinkworks are available for pre-order and only in St. Louis, though Missouri, Florida, and California have all been announced.

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drinkworks bartender robot brown glass