Is This The Rarest Scotch Whisky in The World?

Every avid scotch drinker is in search of a rarer scotch than the next—sort of like stamps, except not nerdy and much more fulfilling (and delicious) when you find it. And there are a lot of rare whiskys out there, sure, but not all them totally turn out, because both rare and magnificent is especially hard to come by – age and obscurity isn’t a guarantee of quality. That’s what makes the Private Collection Glenlivet 1943 by Gordon & Macphail so remarkable: it’s magnificent scotch that exudes both rarity and flavour, exemplified.

During the height of the second world war in 1943, this whisky was casked in Scotland, when only a few distilleries were even in operation. Over the next seventy years the cask rested, for the first twenty-four at its original home and then for the next 46 at the Gordon & Macphail warehouse in Elgin. In 2013 the scotch was finally bottled as the Private Glenlivet 1943 by Gordon & Macphail, and is already widely considered to be one of the most aromatic and incredible scotch whiskys ever produced. There are notes of caramel, coffee, milk, chocolate and burnt orange and a long, lingering depth of flavors.

 gordon macphail whisky design view

But beyond the taste and incredibly designed decanter and box that it comes in, the 1943 is incredibly rare – just 40 units available globally, at an estimated cost of US$40,000 a pop. Yikes.

Check it out

gordon macphail whisky in glass display

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