Patrón Unleashes Extra Añejo With Impeccable Timing

With the tequila boom in full swing, who is Patron to miss out? The ubiquitous brand–which has been thriving for decades regardless of any peripheral trend–recently announced their first new year-round offering in over 25 years. Made from 100% Weber Blue Agave, Patron Extra Anejo is aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 3 years before bottling. The result of that extra TLC is rich, dark gold colour and presumably terrific taste.

patron extra anejo tequila full bottle

Fans of Patron are likely aware that the brand has released a number of limited edition Extra Anejo (aka “Extra Aged”) statements over the years. However, this marks the first time Patron is putting Extra Anejo into mass production. Given how wildly popular tequila is right now, the timing couldn’t be better.

From the nose of Patron’s latest, expect aromas of dry fruit and vanilla with a hint of banana. Upon first sip, a wave of agave, honey and vanilla rolls over the tongue. At the finish are notes of fruit and oak, joined by more vanilla and agave. While we haven’t tasted Patron Extra Anejo yet, we can safely say it’s a smooth ride. After all, Patron Tequila has been accused of many things, but harshness was never one of them.

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