Picobrew Pro Z Series Brings Brewing into the Kitchen

The Picobrew Pro Z takes beer brewing into the next generation. It used to be that brewing beer was only possible with large breweries. Enter microbreweries, and suddenly the market opened up to more of the general public—but not all. Picobrew brought brewing beer into the kitchen with a unit about the size of your microwave. Now they’ve expanded that unit and made it modular. You can go from the Z1, which can brew one batch at a time (2.5 gallons), to the Z4, with a four batch capacity (10 gallons).

The Picobrew can brew all sorts of beers—and even kombucha and cold brew coffees. This appliance-sized brewery is perfect for restaurants, breweries, small businesses, and home brewers. You can experiment with your own brew blend or borrow a recipe from their online community, or use one of the more than 100 prepared PicoPaks to put together your favorite.

While the temptation of having a brewery of your own sitting on your kitchen counter producing fresh beer to your liking is a siren’s call, the potential for restaurants and breweries is really eye-catching. Rather than creating huge vats of a new recipe on the gamble that it might taste right, breweries can experiment on a smaller scale, saving time and resources. Restaurants can customize their beer offerings without having to invest in a huge amount of inventory. If you’re in these industries, then the Picobrew Pro Z series is a wise investment.

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