Pure Project Brewing Sakura IPA

Pure Project has come out with two new flavors of beer: The Dry Hyped Triple and Sakura IPA. The Triple Dry Hyped IPA has an ABV of 10.3 and Hops of Nelson, Citra, and Mosaic, while the Sakura is a bit tamer with an ABV of 6.8 and Mosaic and Waimea hops.

pure project brewing sakura ipa beer

What is more exciting about both of these, but especially the less intense beer, is the can and packaging. In an era of craft beer, looking the part is just as important and tasting good and the Sakura checks both of those boxes, easily. With a clean red and blue on white label, this Sakura can looks good in hand, on shelf, and in marketing materials. The subtle design of a Sakura trees creeping out behind the name and style of beer make for a very attractive design and gives a hint of what the beverage tastes like; pure, refreshingly unsweet, with a small touch of floral notes.

In an effort to reduce packaging waste, Pure Project will no longer be providing snap packs or cardboard cases, instead at the can release, all purchasers will be asked to bring their own coolers, bags, or only purchase as few as they can carry.

This Sakura Unfiltered West Coast IPA made in collaboration with Pizza Port Brewing Company is not only delicious, but it is sexy, and environmentally conscious as well. What’s not to like?

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