Purple Murasaki Geishas Single Cask Japanese Whiskies Keep a Story Alive

The Karuizawa distillery may have closed its doors in 2001, but the Purple—Murasaki—Geishas Single Cask Japanese Whiskies are keeping the distillery’s reputation alive and well.

purple murasaki japanese whiskies bottle

Murasaki, or “imperial purple,” celebrates the fabled Geisha of Japanese culture, and follow on the heels of previous releases, the Golden Geishas and the Emerald Geishas. The single malt whiskies bring to the experience the same cultures refinement that these mysterious ladies brought to Japanese court. Distilled in the early 1980s, the whiskies were transferred into demijohns once they had peaked.

There are two options—a 29 year old and a 31 year old. Both are sherry casks. Only 60 of each were bottled, the limited bottles will be allocated by ballot.

purple murasaki geishas single cask japanese whiskies

The 29 year old Murasaki has a fruity flavor that offers a balance of freshness and the influence of the sherry cask. The 31 year old Murasaki is more conservative in its flavor profile, offering more savory with a hint of sweet fruit.

The ballot to be able to purchase either or both closes on Sunday, October 28, 2018.

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