Recess Sparkling Water Uses Hemp to Keep You Neither Tired Nor Wired

We all long for those days when we were given an afternoon recess to work out all that pent up energy, but our adult lives just don’t allow that. Instead, we’re chained to our desks, never giving our brains a chance to relax and catch up, and it’s taking it’s toll.

Afternoon slumps are getting more and more difficult, and that cup of coffee that we hope will jolt us back into action just isn’t cutting it. That’s where Recess Sparkling Water comes in.

recess infused water

Recess consists of ingredients geared toward helping you relax and get creative again. “I have always been naturally hyper and wired,” says Recess Founder Benjamin Witte. “I started using CBD daily and as a result I felt much more balanced. I was more productive, more creative and less stressed out and anxious.” Witte connected with a Hudson Valley formulator with a background in syrup development for sodas and cocktails. The pair came up with Recess—a CBD-infused sparkling water.

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The ingredients in Recess include a hemp extract with adaptogens to help calm the mind and centre the body; American ginseng to help with focus and memory; L-theanine to reduce stress, and schisandra to boost immunity and promote balance.

Recess may not be the same as running around playing tag, but its effect is similar. You’ll come back to your desk rejuvenated and relaxed, ready to take on the afternoon.

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