The Redemption Limited-Edition Wheated Bourbon Is Not Like Other Whiskeys

15Deutsch Family Wine and Spirits just expanded its Redemption Whiskey product line with a Limited-Edition Wheated Bourbon. All of Redemption’s whisky is sourced in America’s heartland in Lawrenceville, Indiana and refined by master distiller Greg Metze who has been in the business more than 35 years.

The Redemption Limited-Edition Wheated Bourbon is aged for four years in new American oak barrels and bottled at 96 proof. While most wheated bourbons have about 20 to 30 percent grain in the mash bill, this special bourbon features a mash bill of 45 percent winter wheat. The rest of the composition is 51 percent corn and four percent malted barley. The high wheat content allows the sugars from the barrel and the sweetness from the corn to be more pronounced. This makes this Wheated Bourbon sweet and soft on the tongue—even at 96 proof, it feels s

redemption bourbon whiskey bottle view

The colour is a dark amber and topaz with hints of lime and orange. The aroma is incredibly complex—it features lavender, candied ginger, sage over layers of cedar and vanilla. There are also nuances of burnt toffee and bay leaf.

This Wheated Bourbon is harmonious and silky on the palate. Flavours include hazelnut, roasted coffee bean and spicy notes of mint, cardamom and black pepper. These characteristics make this whisky perfect for classic drinks like the Manhattan or Old Fashioned.

Each 750ml limited-edition bottle of Redemption’s Wheated Bourbon is hand numbered to reflect the level of attention that was put into making the final product. It lists both the batch and bottle number.

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