Renault Avec Cognac Keeps Your Coffee Warm

The Renault Cognac House is celebrating 180 years of creating the highest quality cognac available. That history has come with innovation in taste and pairings—and that is evident in the Renault Avec Cognac.

“Avec” is the French word for “with,” and you couldn’t come up with a better name for this Cognac. The Avec Cognac is a blend of Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, and Fins Bois eaux-de-vie, each having been aged between three and eight years. The three have been brought together to create a Cognac that could be enjoyed with coffee on those cold, wintry days, or on days when you need a little extra soothing warmth.

The Avec Cognac is even more unique because of the aging process used. The barrels are first plunged into hot water and then brasero toasted. Those steps are repeated three times. The result is a mild decomposition of the wood, giving the Cognac additional notes and flavors, like roasted mocha and vanilla, that complement coffee. This is the first time that Renault has used this process.

Renault Master Blender David Croizet is the mind behind the blend. Croizet recognizes that first, only the best ingredients lead to the best eaux-de-vies, and second, that blending is what creates the best flavors. Croizet’s philosophy is evident in the Renault collection, and Avec is another example of Renault adhering to the beliefs that have made them so successful.

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