The Return of The Cocktail Hour with Star of Bombay at Eau de Vie

Anybody who’s ever been to London’s famous Connaught Bar will already be familiar with the concept of the martini trolley. For a nominally inflated fee, one of the most experienced mixologists in the world will come to the side of your table and expertly mix you a martini to your taste, garnished to your specifications, all from behind a movable unit that houses the essentials.

There’s an art to this–not just in the making of the ubiquitous drink, but in the cocktail hour itself. It’s a forgotten occasion to most, but taking the time to savour the flavour of a tasty tipple between the hours of five and six is making somewhat of a comeback.

This is where Bombay Sapphire, in partnership with Sydney’s Eau de Vie cocktail bar, comes into the mix (quite literally). Star of Bombay, the premium, delicate older brother of the Bombay range of premium gin range, takes centre stage on Eau de Vie’s custom built martini trolley, which showcases four unique offerings for guests who are keen to venture beyond their current palates. The trolley itself features a liquid nitrogen tap, which chills the boozy liquid in a matter of seconds.

cocktail star of bombay brew

The Edwardian is a take on the classic Hanky Panky, the Magda Martini riffs on Ian Fleming’s Vesper, the Simpson Martini is akin to a dirty martini, and the Captain Ritz is a pastiche of Paris’ famous Ritz Side Car.

“Here at Eau De Vie we’re all about guest experience. We’re really excited to bring the Star of Bombay Martini Trolley to Sydney, offering contemporary twists to the classic martini and allowing them to experiment with bitters, brine and garnishes to create their very own personalised martini concoction” says Eau de Vie General Manager Russ McFadden.

Each concoction is priced at $24, or guests can try a sample board of all four for $50. Bookings are highly recommended.

Bombay Sapphire

Eau de Vie Sydney

bottle front view

star of bombay serve

fill up bottle with star of bombay

star of bombay making

blue bottle star of bombay

pour in star of bombay

corner view star of bombay