Rocket’s Porta Via Claims World’s First Portable Espresso Machine

You might think that Rocket Expresso is in the business of making coffee machines, but they’re actually in the business of giving you a reason to not have to leave your hotel room—or office, or living room, or the back room of your in-laws’ home. Rocket has introduced the Porta Via, “the world’s first truly portable espresso machine.” No more having to venture out to get a great cup of coffee. Now you can bring your espresso machine with you and brew your own regardless of where you are.

Portable Coffee Machine front

The Porta Via is a “prosumer espresso machine” that comes in a hard-shell carrying case with a handle on the top for easy transporting. The machine weighs 29 kilograms, so it’s not “light” but it is manageable. The carrying case includes foam-padding to keep your machine secure and safe, and also features two slots for a pair of ceramic cups and saucers. The Porta Via also comes with a tamper, a professional-grade portafilter, a jug, and an external water reservoir. The machine itself is made with a traditional lever-activated 58mm E61 group. There’s a dip tray to capture any errant pours, and a super quiet Ulka vibration pump with a pressure gauge-which will come in nicely when you’re trying to not disturb any neighbors.

Portable Coffee Machine side view

Coffee is made with the Porta Via in the actively heated group, 500ml coffee boiler. The steamer has an 800ml capacity. The Porta Via can both brew coffee and steam milk simultaneously. The machine heats up very rapidly, taking just 10 minutes to start serving delicious cups of coffee. Ad when it’s time to go, you just pack up the Porta Via—even if it’s still warm—and you’re on your way.

Portable Coffee Machine case

Rocket Espresso is offering the Porta Via portable espresso machine through a number of different retailers throughout Australia. To find a shop near you, just check out their web site.

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