Running With Thieves Stout

“I think deep down everyone likes to think they can skate. You never did, but you lie to yourself. Stouts are like that. Velvet, rich and black. The dark roasted malts deliver coffee and chocolate flavors. Drink it and keep lying to yourself, you still can’t skate”

What do you think when someone says craft beer?

Not too sure about you, but we often imagine gargling some hop-riddled honey ale out of a mason jar, all the while the bearded brewer asks if you can taste the hints of tobacco… Hate to say it, but so many craft beers have become a little ostentatious in this day and age. Don’t fret though, the boys over at Running With Thieves are here to keep a lid on things. By challenging this global misconception about craft beers, Running With Thieves has committed themselves to make a range of beer that just taste like some good old-fashioned frothies.

running with thieves full flavored stout

The latest thing to come out of the Running With Thieves brewery in Western Australia is their full-flavored Stout. The sort of full-flavored dark beer that is perfect for when the conversation strays to deep and philosophical subjects. Like we always say, when the hypotheticals come out, reach for the stout.

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