SAMPLE Brew to Serve Beer ‘Modifiers’ at GABS Festival

SAMPLE Brew has partnered with Singapore-based Mixologist Luke Whearty to launch ‘Modifiers,’ a range of specialised drinks exclusive to this year’s GABS festival.

The Modifiers combine with SAMPLE’s Pale Ale, Lager and ¾ IPA to create entirely new drinks underpinned by the principles of cocktail-making. The three Modifiers in question are called Saltbush Lagerita, Mead Shandy and Koji Caramel Boilermarker. Adding just 10ml will transform the flavour profile without the overheads traditionally associated with limited-run beer.

Vedad Huric, the founder of SAMPLE Brew, said it was a natural progression to push the boundaries of the Australian beer industry. “SAMPLE Brew has always sought to push the boundaries of what’s possible when it comes to beer, and Modifiers is the logical next step after the popularity of our previous limited edition runs.”

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For Luke Whearty, Mixologist at the acclaimed Singaporean bar Operation Dagger, the partnership with SAMPLE Brew was an opportunity to apply his expertise to a new challenge. “Often I think beer is seen as something that is only meant to be consumed as it is, and it’s not meant to be adapted in any way beyond its original form. These modifiers that we’ve developed show that beer is very versatile and altering its original state can be quite rewarding.”

SAMPLE Brew Modifiers will be available exclusively at the GABS Festival in Melbourne on 18th to 20th May and Sydney on Saturday, 2nd June. Below are the full details for each Modifier. Here you will find the Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers from last year’s GABS.

Saltbush Lagerita created with SAMPLE Lager
20% ABV

Modifier _01 cold infuses the saltbush, juniper and lemon leaf under a vacuum seal for 24 hours. The result increases the crisp profile of the Lager with added citrus tones and salinity.

Mead Shandy created with SAMPLE Pale Ale
6% ABV

Modifier _02 converts the natural enzymes of raw honey into lactic acid to create a fig leaf mead. This extends the light honey sweetness of the Pale Ale and intensifies the taste to an experimental shandy.

Koji Caramel Boilermarker created with SAMPLE ¾ IPA
25% ABV

Modifier _03 utilises a combination of koji, malt and mandarin vinegar infused with scotch whiskey to create a boilermaker adding sweetness, body and fruit acidity to the ¾ IPA.

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