Shaken or Stirred with Makr Shakr Nino Robotic Bartender

Makr Shakr Nino Robotic Bartender is automating the drink making process. That’s what happens with researchers at MIT’s Senseable City Lab in Cambridge partner with Coca-Cola and Bacardi. The way it works is three robotic arms, using preprogrammed movements, mix up to 100 different types of flavors covering the gamut from alcohols to fruit juice, syrups, and more. Because of the robotics involved, control is down to the microliter. Using a smartphone app, you can order existing recipes or even create and then share your own favorite mix.

makr shakr bartending

Makr Shakr was unveiled at the Google I/O conference. While just having the robotic arms being able to mix and prepare drinks is impressive enough, the programmers took the extra step of modeling the robot’s movements after an Italian ballet dancer, Roberto Bolle. Director and choreographer Marco Pelle assigned the moves to the robot. So while the robot isn’t necessarily juggling bottles, it does have a little bit of style. You can also track the progress of your drink on a display behind the bar, which shows how many drinks are ahead of yours and what your estimated wait time is. The display will let you know when your drink is ready, or the smartphone app will notify you. And if you’re at a loss for what to order, you can check out the list of what drinks are popular at the moment.

robotic bartender serving drinks

Makr Shakr can be closed up and then loaded into a storage container for easy delivery.

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