A Sparkling Cocktail at Your Next Pool Party Would be Mighty Swell

On hot summer pool party days there is always a quiet quandary: what’s best to drink throughout the afternoon and still remain lively and fun? Alcohol is a bit too strong and may leave you slurring before sunset. Beer’s too filling en masse and may leave you bloated on a floaty in the deep end. Wine seems to be the best choice, but red will leave your teeth purple and who can drink rose and white all day? There has to be something else out there.

mighty swell sparkling cocktail beer can

Thankfully there is and it’s called Mighty Swell, a fruit-flavored wine cocktail in a can that’s a mix of all the good things in the aforementioned beverage options, without any of the bad. Each drink is like a flavored sparkling water but with a kick of 5 percent alcohol by volume, about the same percentage as a good beer. Flavors are citrusy but not sweet, as all natural ingredients are used without high fructose corn syrup or dyes. Tall boy cans allow for easy drinking and distribution. Plus, the company is based in Austin, Texas, which is not only one of the hippest towns in the world, but also a place that gets insanely hot—meaning they know how to stay cool, on multiple fronts.

So for a whole different category of drink at the next summer bash, or any bash for that matter, Mighty Swell might be the best new thing.

Check it out

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