Stay Warm in the Coming Winter with These Eight Special Edition Game of Thrones Whiskies from Diageo

The Game of Thrones Whiskies are coming, just in time to warm things up during winter (and during the show’s final season). Diageo, a multinational liquor company based out of London, England, is releasing a limited edition lineup inspired by the series.

The White Walker by Johnnie Walker, a blend of single malt Scotches from the Cardhu and Clynelish distilleries in northern Scotland, will come in a bottle made with white and blue thermochromic ink that will glow in a fashion similar to the characters it is named for. The House Targaryen scotch will be made in Cardhu and will have hints of clove and red apple.

The House Lannister scotch will be a nine-year-old scotch from Lagavulin, while the House Stark Winter’s Frost scotch will hail from Dalwhinnie. Royal Lochnagar will dub a 12-year-old scotch the House Baratheon. House Greyjoy will be represented by a single malt scotch made by Talisker; House Tully, a single malt made by Glendullan. And that leaves only House Tyrell, which will be made by Clynelish, as far as houses go. You may also want to pick up the Night’s Watch non-age-statement Highlands single malt, whose label will feature the Night’s Watch vow.

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