Stop Wasting Wine – eto Keeps Wine Fresh for 12 Days

How many times have you thrown leftover wine down the drain? Do you get tired of discovering that your wine has gone bad just a couple of days after opening it? A new product just came out on Kickstarter that will put an end to wine going down the drain. Eto is a wine preservation system that will keep wine tasting fresh for up to 12 days.

eto wine decanter set

Most wines will start to go bad as soon as you take the cork out of the bottle. That is because oxygen mixes with preservatives in the wine results in oxidation. This process can spoil wine in as little as two days. However, the preservation system created by Cotton keeps wine fresh without sacrificing the taste or quality of the wine.

Created by industrial designer Tom Cotton, this stylish patented wine decanter features an exclusive design feature that eliminates air in the bottle once it is sealed. The plunger-like feature prevents oxidation—keeping your wine fresh for more than a week.

eto wine decanter wiring on bottle

The eto Wine Decanter is made from BPA-free materials. They were all approved by the US Food and Drug Administration as being food safe. It also features a specially-designed drip-free lid that will keep your wine from dribbling down the side of the bottle.

To prove how effective this system is, wine experts conducted several blind taste tests using this clever preservation system and were unable to differentiate wine which was opened seven days earlier from fresh wine.

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