Porsche 911 Coffee Machine side view

This Blacked-Out Porsche 911 Engine Makes a Mean Espresso

Fans of different brands can be a loyal, and some might say obsessive, group. They’ll snatch up anything with the brand’s name attached to it, regardless of the price. That must be what Espresso Veloce is banking on with their latest coffee machine. The new Super Veloce Porsche 911 Coffee Machine gets its looks from the 993-series 911, the last generation of Porsche’s legendary air-cooled engines. Purchasing this tribute coffee machine will set you back over USD$11,000, or roughly the price of a used and perhaps beaten up Porsche.

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Porsche 911 Coffee Machine fan

The coffee machine is handcrafted of surgical stainless steel, aluminium alloy, titanium, and carbon fibre. Shaped to resemble the 911 engine, it comes complete with all the details, including faux cylinder heads, six vertical throttle bodies, and of course the top-mounted cooling fan. You’ll want to make some room on the counter if your wallet will let you acquire this work of art as it weighs over 47 pounds and measures nearly 15 inches long by 16.5 inches wide and 13.4 inches tall. Making coffee with Espresso Veloce machines is simple—the coffee makers use capsules that are loaded into the machine. The coffee is dispensed in roughly the same place that you would find the clutch on an actual engine.

Porsche 911 Coffee Machine cover

Espresso Veloce has made the style of coffee maker before, but this time around they’re offering a special black version. On the previous version, there was plenty of chrome and polished metal. For the special edition, the engine block received an anodised satin black finish and the cylinder heads are anodized bright black. The cam covers, which are carbon fibre, are also black. Espresso Veloce will only be making 993 examples of the Super Veloce Porsche 911 Coffee Machines, so if you’re the type of fan to acquire all things Porsche, you might want to crack open your piggy bank—you might just need it.

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Super Velocre Porsche 911 Coffee Machine

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Porsche 911 Coffee Machine back view

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Porsche 911 Coffee Machine

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