Take Matters into Your Own Hands in the Morning: Kelvin Home Coffee Roaster

Is the French Press no longer good enough for you? Do you want to start your morning with a completely homemade cup of joe? The new Kelvin Home Coffee Roaster can help.

kelvin personal size coffee maker

Kelvin is a personal-size coffee bean roaster that allows you to take raw, harvested beans, prepare them to the degree you desire, and brew your pot of coffee in just minutes.

coffee making process

Kelvin was created to solve a question. “How can we take the freshest beans and make the best cup of coffee, while saving cost and eliminating waste?” Easy. Give power and control to the consumer, in their own home, provide them with high quality and appropriately sized bean options, and get out of the way.

coffee maker upper view

Sourcing unroasted beans from the world’s top producers was not only more cost effective, it also allowed for maximum control over flavor and taste of coffee as the roasting process is where this typically takes place.

The Kelvin works by using hot air to roast beans in three to eight minutes right before your eyes, while eliminating chaff and collecting it in a second reservoir to ensure the purest blends each and every time.

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