Take The Knockout Challenge Endorsed by Snoop Dogg

The Knockout takes your party to the next level or puts you straight into a coma. Depends on how well you can handle your beer and weed. The Knockout is a simple silicone and stainless steel attachment that fits any bottle or can so you can chug and smoke at the same time. It’s an acquired skill, that’s for sure.

The Knockout is virtually indestructible and travel-friendly. It comes with a convenient carrying case that fits right in your pocket and can even be cleaned in the dishwasher.

If partying hard is your thing, then The Knockout is a must have. If you’re anything like me and are getting to old for this shit, you can still enjoy the video of Snoop Dogg endorsing The Knockout. Plus, there’s another must-see video of ordinary people attempting the knockout challenge embedded above.

Here’s another 10 videos to light up your next session.

Check it out

the knockout challenge endorsed

the knockout challenge endorsed in the mouth

The Knockout beer bong

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