Teeling Whiskey: A New Era for Irish Distilling

When it comes to craft spirits, Scotch and Bourbon have both had a renaissance of late, of this you can’t deny. Japanese whisky is hot on the heels of both, too, in terms of awards and popularity, and Australian whisky is collecting a fair few accolades itself. It’s easy to forget, then, that the wonderful spirit originally hails from Ireland–a country which still produces some of the finest whiskey money can buy. In fact, despite the fanfare surrounding other countries’ ability to enter the craft spirits market, Irish Whiskey has been the fastest growing premium spirit in the world since 1990.

Teeling, a small-batch spirit made in the heart of Dublin, is helping to revitalise the world’s love affair with Irish whisky.

Started in 2015, by Jack Teeling and his brother Stephen, the Teeling Whiskey Distillery is the first distillery to commence operation in Dublin in over 125 years, though the pair are hardly amateur distillers. The Teeling family has been distilling since 1782, when ancestor Walter set up a craft distillery on Dublin’s Marrowbone Lane, just a short stroll from their current digs.

teeling whiskey a new era for irish distilling

Their Small Batch is an incredibly smooth and rich dram which comes in at 46%, thanks to its non-chilled filtration, a common theme throughout the range which affords Teeling’s whiskey a lovely viscosity. Small Batch has a distinct raisiny characteristic, thanks in part to the use of ex-Flor de Cana casks to finish off the ageing process.

Teeling Single Grain captures the very essence of what a grain whiskey should be: complex on the nose and clean on the finish, with a spicy, fruity palate in between. Their Single Malt expression, however, is the real star of the show, with a robust, chewy mid-palate that leads into a finish that seems to go for days. This is Irish whiskey, but shown in a new, modern, fresh light.

If you’re in any need of reminding why the Irish are such a talented bunch with some grains and a still, pick some of this up for your bar at home and make Teeling the latest trend amongst your whiskey-sipping brethren.

Teeling Whiskey

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