Templeton Rye 6-Year Delivers the Good Stuff

American whiskey means so much more than good old fashioned Kentucky bourbon these days. For proof, look no further than Templeton Rye, which hails from Iowa and has been killing it over the last decade. With a recent update to the label design on their 6-year statement, and plans to open a distillery in the coming months, the brand shows no signs of slowing down soon. One should probably assume the same for the American whiskey scene at large. And that’s, of course, a very good thing.

Templeton Rye might be a relatively new name, but the label has origins dating back as far as the Prohibition era. That’s when a farmer named Alphons Kerkhoff crafted his very own Iowa rye, using a unique and delicious recipe. The rye became known as “The Good Stuff”, thereby earning a very loyal following among drinkers at the time. Al Capone himself was said to be a huge fan.

red templeton rye whisky

Decades later, Kerkhoff’s grandson Keith picked up where Alphons left off, employing a similar mashbill of 95% rye from Midwest Grain Processors, before mixing in Templeton’s own proprietary formula. Their original statement was a four year, but in 2010 they set aside some barrels of “The Good Stuff” for extra aging. Six years later, the new statement was introduced, and it’s been winning over palates ever since.

Now rocking a new bottle design, Templeton Rye 6-Year remains a smooth and flavourful sipper. In spite of being 91.5 proof, the whiskey offers a fruity, light-bodied nose of cherry, vanilla, apple and allspice. That’s followed by the balanced taste of burnt sugar, spice and oak. At the finish are long notes of spicy rye. Consider the spirit one strong indicator that there’s far more to American whiskey than a few major regions or brands. We can’t wait to see (or taste) what Templeton Rye comes up with once their distillery is fully operational.

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