The 28 Year Old Midnight Blend Johnnie Walker is the Last of its Kind

The fifth and final edition of the John Walker & Sons Private Collection is the 28 Year Old Midnight Blend. The limited edition will consist of 3,888 individually numbered decanters of a Scotch whisky described as being smooth and indulgent. The whisky itself has been aged for a minimum of 28 years, something Johnnie Walker Master Blender Jim Beveridge explains is “rare and very special.”

Beveridge worked with fellow blender Craig Wallace. The duo hand selected the few whiskies that would make up the blend. The whiskies chosen come from the four corners of Scotland and each provides a unique part of the flavour. The Midnight Blend has hints of fruit, sweet, and spice. It has a 42.8 per cent ABV and is best served neat.

The John Walker & Sons Private collection has only been around since 2014. The collection consists of only small batch, limited releases of whiskies made using casks of Johnnie Walker reserves. While each has been a precious addition to the collection, it looks like they saved the best for last.

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