Bottle of Bundaberg Rum Iced Coffee

Bundaberg Rum-Flavoured Ice-Break Iced Coffee is Here

Since the dawn of time, or at least for a few years now, people have been pondering the question: how can iced coffee be made better?

The answer, when it finally came to them, seemed so obvious: make it taste of something other than coffee. And so, eventually, as was inevitable probably, we have arrived at the endpoint of the iced-coffee experiment: Bundy Rum-flavoured Ice Break iced coffee.

Ice Break has been very successful selling its iced coffee – or rather, its iced coffee-flavoured milk drinks – up till now, but they recognised, as we all do, that iced coffee just isn’t enough: we want that tantalising whisper of alcohol to make our breaktime truly refreshing.

Of course, it WILL only be a tantalising whisper: these Ice Breaks are only infused with the flavour of rum, not the liquor itself, because they are sold out of your local servo fridge and there are limits to the Aussie larrikin spirit. But still, as they say: coffee that tastes like rum may not be as good as rum, but it’s still better than coffee that tastes like coffee.

These Bundy Ice Breaks may not last long though: the very idea screams “limited time only”, so you’d be well-advised to start stockpiling now, if you don’t want a coffee-flavoured future.