The New Macallan Distillery Builds on a Nearly 200 Year History

The New Macallan Distillery has a rich history to live up to. Founded in 1824, the Macallan Distillery was one of the first legally licensed distillers in Scotland. Drawing on influences from Spain, North America, and Scotland, Macallan distilled a single malt whisky that soon became a world leader.

macallen distilery inside building view

Alexander Reid built the Macallan Distillery on a plateau overlooking the river Spey in northeast Scotland, where the incredible view no doubt inspired him to his work. The original name of the area was “Maghellan,” which was derived from the Gallic word “magh” meaning “fertile ground” and “Ellan”, which referenced the Monk St. Fillan who was affiliated with the church that stood on the grounds of the Macallan Estate until 1400.

wine storage new macallen distillery

The new distillery provides more space for increased production as well as having an eye to the future for more expansion. On the inside, there is plenty of area for production cells in an open-plan layout. Each of the cells is reflected on the outside by grass-covered peaks that rise and fall like the hills of the Maghellan valley. The distillery is open to visitors and offers a “Six Pillar Tour” that has reference to Macallan’s approach to distilling. The distillery is built alongside the Easter Elchies House—a highland manor house and estate designed by Victorian landscape designer Thomas White Snr. In 1789.

There is plenty to see—and taste—in the Macallan distillery and visitors will be treated to a history as rich as the Macallan whisky.

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