The Secret to Martin Miller’s Gin is Pure Arctic Water

3,000 miles is a long way to travel for any reason, yet every batch of Martin Miller’s Gin makes the 3000 mile (4828km) trip from England to Iceland by boat to mix with the purest water of the Arctic. This is how Miller’s Gin achieves its trademark purity, softness and soul.

Appalled by the lack of quality gin at that time, Martin Miller’s Gin was born in London in 1998 with the co-founders sparing no expense to get the recipe exactly right. Botanicals and citrus trees were selected from all over the world and distilled into what would become the flagship Original Gin.

Fast forward to 2003. Martin Miller’s Westbourne Strength Gin was created in response to requests for a high strength gin that could give a more ‘old school’ authenticity to classic cocktails, as well as inspiring more complex, fully flavoured drinks. Today, these two gins form the backbone of the Martin Miller’s range.

England distilled premium gin

“When creating my own gin I wanted to live that love, to possess the aroma of oriental flowers in the shadows, the fragrance of the orange trees in a warm Sevillian night and the refreshing whisper of the winter wind in a birch forest,” said Martin Miller.

“For me, it will always be the most seductive of drinks. History, romance and adventure in the cup.”

You can find Martin Miller’s Original and Westbourne Strength Gins along with select aged varieties online and from retailers like Vintage Cellars, Boozebud and First Choice Liquor. Tasting notes can be found below.

England distilled premium gin

Martin Miller’s Gin Tasting Notes

The Original

On the nose, it has a mild aroma of lemon skin, garnished with floral notes. The palate is elegant and with a beautiful citrus flavour. It develops into a dry fruitiness with subtle touches of juniper and peppercorns. The finish is smooth, long and softly citric, with a delicate aftertaste.

Westbourne Strength

On the nose, the soft aroma of lemon skin is interspersed with a symphony of floral notes. The palate is more robust, maintaining smoothness and clarity. Juniper dominates growing spicier over time. The end is very long, soft and gentle, highlighting sweet fruit notes that invite you to discover more and more.

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England distilled premium gin

England distilled premium gin