The Aged & Ore Travel Decanter Makes Your Fancy Drinks Transportable

Enjoying your favourite spirit can be hard when you are travelling. You run the chance of the bottle leaking or even breaking. Your destination may not have what you love the most.

Other beverage container options are meant for hydration, not fine drinking. Even flasks leave something to be desired when it comes to being able to share a drink, or to keep the drink at just the right temperature.

The Travel Decanter from Aged & Ore is the solution.

stainless steel Travel Decanter

Based out of Chicago, Aged & Ore is a glassware company that previously brought the Duo Glass to market. With the perfect way to measure your drink accomplished, Aged & Ore turned their attention to a way to travel with your spirits, keep craft cocktails cool, or make special occasions away from home that much more special.

The Travel Decanter is designed with an insulated, double-walled, stainless steel canister that keeps your drink safe and that doubles as two integrated tumblers that have an integrated two-ounce measuring line.

The outer shell protects an inner hand-blown glass decanter with a 500ml capacity. The wide mouth of the decanter allows for iced beverages, which are kept cool in the double-wall insulation of the canister. The decanter is also fully leak-proof, thanks to its metal decanter stopper.

The wide mouth also makes pouring easier and cleaner, so that you’re not losing any precious liquid.

Travel Decanter

The glass also helps to prevent adulteration of your spirit, thus preserving the flavour that you love so much.

The Travel Decanter comes in three different styles—Matte Black, Brushed Stainless Steel, and Gloss White. The decanters can also be personalized with your name. From camping to picnic in the parks to outdoor concerts, you can use the Travel Decanter to make sure you always have your favourite drink with you and ready to share.

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