Top Bartenders Collaborate for Untold Spiced Rum

Untold is a new brand of spiced rum developed by a collective of bartenders and mixologists made with premium, 2-3 year aged golden Caribbean rum from Trinidad and enhanced with natural spices. Full strength, full-bodied and distinct, Untold is ‘made-to-mix,’ but differs from other spiced rum through its bold, yet accessible flavour.

The creative team includes former staffers at the Lobo Plantation, Eau de Vie, Black Pearl and The Beaufort.

“One of our greatest achievements was creating something that balanced spice, sweetness and then finished with a delightful savoury note to steer it away from the sickly sweet rums that dominate the market, yet still keeping its authenticity,” says Oscar Eastman, co-creator of Untold.

untold spiced rum full bottle

The striking, colourful and urban bottle art was created by Australian artists Andrew Archer and Tim Phibs. It’s designed to buck the traditional masculine and all too common ‘rum and pirates’ storyline and become an attractive drinking option for both men and women.

“We see Untold as a versatile product or a ‘blank canvas’ where everyone can enjoy it their own way,” says co-creator Dave Kerr. “It’s balanced, works perfectly with our favourite mixers and gives people with a good palate a great alternative in a spiced rum.”

Untold is available now as a full-size bottled spirit and in two premixed flavours including Spiced Rum with Cola and Spiced Rum with Ginger Beer (my preferred mixer). There are plans to collaborate with more artists and bartenders on new flavours and looks in the future. You can find Untold Spiced Rum at Liquorland, First Choice, Vintage Cellars and Dan Murphys.

In other spirit-related news, we travelled to Scotland to celebrate 120 years of whisky innovation with Glen Moray and Jamerson has partnered with Young Henrys brewery for beer-seasoned whisky.

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